Helpful ways to think about money

Some people find it hard to visualise how they can "make money". They get hung up searching for "needs" or "wants" or "great ideas".

Here's two ways I think about money.  I hope they help!


1) Money flows

Money is already being spent. It's already flowing.

Money is supposed to flow - hence the words cashflow and currency (I imagine a large current in a river).

I think I got the following visual from Grant Cardone: Imagine how much money is flowing within 100 meters of you right now? Are there homes, cars, roads, shops, street lights, etc? What are people paying to buy, maintain, insure, etc all of that stuff? There’s a big invisible current of money flowing around us, constantly. We just need some to flow through us.

I like to imagine we don’t make money, we earn money - by getting money that’s already flowing to flow through us.

Instead of getting hung up on searching for needs or searching for wants, why not "follow the money"?

What are people already spending their money on that indicates they have a problem you can help them solve?

I freelance helping businesses run their Google Ads campaigns. Why Google Ads? Because it’s a demonstrated cashflow that indicates the business is already prepared to spend their money to make more sales. I just attach myself to that demonstrated cashflow.


2) "Money is proof you helped your fellow man." - MJ DeMarco

I like to think businesses exist to help people, and get paid. 

If you want to get started quickly then go help people. Then figure out how to help people, and get paid.


Visualise the money in either of these ways and you'll see an abundance of money flowing around you, or an abundance of people you can help.