What skill to learn to go freelancing online

The quickest way to get started in business is to become a freelancer and sell a service. But what's a good skill to pick?

If a niece or nephew asked what specialised skill they should learn so they could make a bit of money on the side, then I’d tell them the following:

You’re already ahead of many business owners, purely because you can use a computer, smartphone and understand social media.

Find people in your current network that you can help by doing something really simple, but visible to others.

Maybe you just use Canva to knock up graphics for social media accounts, websites or social media/blog posts?

Keep doing that and maybe start taking over their social media campaigns, or content marketing? Which could lead to web design/development, running paid ads, SEO, whatever?

But start with something simple and figure out how to get people to let you do it for free, then how to get paid for it.

Do NOT go on courses or spend months or years learning some skill to avoid helping people
and earning any money.

Help a few people for free first. Get some case studies, word-of-mouth, skills, and confidence.

Then figure out how to get paying clients - ideally on a monthly package.

Focus on monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

And listen to this: LetsChatSales.com/8